Jamie Bellermann Massage Therapy


"Jamie Bellermann is an extraordinarily skilled, compassionate and gifted therapist. Working from a broad spectrum of techniques, his work is highly effective and long lasting for both acute and chronic issues and ailments. Jamie's committment to his client's well being is evident through his keen ability to listen to and integrate what's going on into the therapeutics. Receiving massage from Jamie is deeply grounding, centering and healing."

"Massage sessions with Jamie Bellermann provide an extraordinary stress relieving experience and is the perfect solution for anyone searching for relaxation. I feel fortunate to have found a massage therapist like Jamie. He is constantly concerned for my comfort and provides a safe and nurturing atmosphere. Jamie is gifted with an amazing touch. His presence makes me feel at home and relaxed and his soft spoken manner enhances safe experience. I have been a client for nearly a year and plan to remain one for years to come."

"Shortly before my first visit with Jamie, I was scheduled to have foot surgery and shoulder surgery. I decided to get a massage just to relax before the surgeries. Jamie's intense energy channeled through my body lifting blocks, knots, and pain after one session. I have not had any further foot problems and though I am slated to have shoulder surgery 6 months later, I experience significantly less pain."